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The AAa/e Foundation is committed to empowering engineers / architects / construction students and professionals in personal and professional growth, excellence and leadership by providing career development, networking, and scholarship opportunities and a vehicle for community outreach to the built environment.

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I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of the AAa/e Fellowship almost 20 years ago now when I was a student at UCLA studying architecture. The night of the actual banquet was especially memorable to me because not only did I receive the award, but that night, I actually proposed to my wife! AAa/e has been helpful not only in guiding me towards and encouraging me in a career in architecture but also set the stage for the most significant moment in my personal life as well.

Craig Shimahara, Shimahara Illustration

I received the AAa/e scholarship in 1987 while I was doing my master in Architectural degree at UCLA. It was a tremendous honor and helped me immensely when I needed it the most. AAa/e has opened up its network to me and my future professional development and now I’ve come full circle as a member of the Board of Directors.

Eric Halm, Bernards Builders|Management Services

AAa/e scholarship really opened up a lot of doors and opportunities for me. Since receiving it, it allowed me to boost my confidence as well as financially support me to apply for grad school. Thankfully, because of that, I was able to get into UCLA Masters Program. And since then, I’ve graduated and gone on to work for various firms.

Emily Cheng, Gensler

It was my great honor to receive AAa/e scholarship last year. The scholarship enabled me to continue to study at the Art Center College of Design. I hope I’ll be able to help students like me in the future like I was helped from AAa/e scholarship. I really appreciate it!

Boeun Kim

The scholarship eased my financial commitment toward material costs as a struggling transfer student. Because of this helping hand, I was able to purchase a 3D printer, pay for prints, and stay competitive as a 3rd-year undergraduate student at SCI-Arc.

I am really grateful to have the members of the AAa/e Foundation to encourage my passion for architecture. I hope to follow their footsteps and contribute back one day.

Ruby Kim, 2016 Community College Scholarship Recipient

Thank you again for your foundation’s financial support in my college endeavors! I have just completed my sophomore year in civil engineering at Manhattan College. I will be conducting research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology through the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, for a project titled “Development of Adaptable Concrete Structures Using Non-Newtonian Fluids”. Since the 2017 AAa/e Banquet, I have been participating in organizations such as ASCE, CMAA, and SWE at my college, and returned to Turner Construction last summer to intern at its Interiors Centralized Engineering Department.

Clio Chen, 2017 High School Scholarship Winner

I just finished my first year as an architecture student at USC. Architecture has really pushed me into understanding space and the world around me differently. I learned so much about architectural concepts and ideas that continue to change how I think. Thank you so much for the scholarship because it has really helped me financially support my education this past year. Your support has been greatly appreciated. I enjoyed being connected to this organization because I can really see you guys trying to change how the world views Asian Americans in the industry. You provide so many resources and opportunities and it makes me feel comfortable pursuing this career path knowing that there are like-minded individuals looking out for me.

Annabelle Asali, 2018 High School Scholarship Winner

I graduated 5 years ago with my M.S in Civil Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona. Since then, I have been working at Parsons Corporation in Irvine as a highway engineer. I enjoy civil engineering and am fortunate for having been able to work on many infrastructure design and improvement projects. I am learning new things all the time and working my hardest to be the best engineer I can be. Lately, structures has intrigued me and I may pursue that in the near future. I am so thankful for the scholarship I got from AAa/e when I was in college. It really helped encourage me to keep pursuing engineering as my career and I am happy that I did because I enjoy making a difference in the community.

Van, 2014 Grad Winner

After graduating from Cal Poly, I worked for a few years in the Bay Area at Gelfand Partners doing affordable housing and public schools. I got my LEED GA and California architect’s license before settling down in Singapore. I am currently living and working in Asia, in Singapore at WOHA Architects. Here in Singapore for the past couple years, I have been helping firms implement BIM on their projects and in their organizations.  Very proud to be a two time recipient of the AAa/e scholarship program and appreciate the work that AAa/e does.

Ranee Jain, 2012 Grad Winner, 2009 UG Winner